Hybrid Holster

The ASCENT is our standard inside the waistband line of holsters. This holster does enable good concealment and retention. If you are going to forget you are wearing an IWB Holster, the Tacti-Pac is it. This is my second one and I can't really imagine going with anything else. Though some people do, open carry IWB is an oddity as the IWB holster is so well suited to concealed carry.

A+ For easy on easy off and carrying with shorts and no belt, nothing beats the tactipac. We carry the Hybrid holster which has the double belt clips, the Little Foxx - is a single clip Hybrid holster. I have been wearing this holster all day since it arrived. The molded fit, leather backing and the ability to adjust tension are all quality factors that keep me coming back.

It is super comfortable to wear. The Iconic Inside the WaistBand (IWB) Drop Out of Sight (DOS) gun holster is now better than ever! The Seraph is the culmination of experience and application of specific knowledge, manifested into a comfortable, concealment oriented holster.

The "More Discreet" IWB Kydex Holster by QVO Tactical! Cross-draw belt holsters are designed to be worn outside the waistline on the weak side of the body (opposite to the dominant hand). As with all of our holsters, the IWB features our orthopedic grade leather to prevent sweat and moister from passing into the holster and firearm while giving you amazing comfort.

Galco Gunleather offers inside the waistband holsters with all the features you're looking for: premium materials, reinforced mouths, offset belt loops for better stability and a smoother profile - all these attributes and more make our IWB gun holsters a great choice no matter which model you choose.

I like to wear sweatpants or shorts in the summertime with just a t-shirt and the FusionPac concealed carry holster allows me to do this. - We ensure all retention is at the trigger guard, which produces a smooth and crisp feel upon holstering or drawing and also minimizes wear.

Shoulder holsters are designed to position the handgun in one of three ways: a vertical position with the barrel pointed generally toward the ground, a vertical position with the barrel pointed generally upward, or a horizontal position with the barrel pointed generally behind the wearer.

If you want more comfort and flexibility in your Everyday Carry positions simply remove the shorter belt clip and utilize a single belt clip for on-the-fly adjustments to your kydex appendix carry holster. This is the lightest, most comfortable and most concealable IWB I have ever owned.

The velcro belt system enables you to carry a concealed gun no matter what trousers you are wearing. Give them freedom to choose the best kydex holster for their everyday carry. I have tried many IWB holsters in the past but the FusionPac is the Best! I got a Defender Pro iwb holster holster for my Glock 19. It's extremely comfortable and hides my gun well.

After an extensive search for the perfect fit for an IWB holster, I settled on the Blackpoint Mini-Wing and am not disappointed. I carry a Glock 43 in my front waistband and this holster conceals the gun well. Has comfortable feel and does not rely On your belt for support so you can dress much easier and not have to keep jacking your pants up every 10 minutes.

I have been looking for an IWB holster for some time. The Minotaur V2 is our Half-Breed Inside the Waistband (IWB) holster, and is so named because it is part handgun holster, part single magazine carrier. If I was wearing jeans I would wear the normal gun belt and IWB.

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